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Oio Wand | Blue Sea

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Oio Wand

Nautical World Name: Oio Wand

Nautical Map Point: Giant Tree

Welcome to the Giant Tree in the nautical world of SWISOK! According to legend, a well-known water wizard from the area of the Vault of Heaven owned the Oio Wand of Spiritual Fountain. The core of the wand is the nerve of a water dragon and the handle is the branch of the giant tree. What makes it even more bizarre is that there are five rough beads spaced unequally in the handle of the staff. Each bead is very mottled and seems to have been subjected to various types of sand and water erosion.

Picking up the Spirit Spring Wand, each bead has a different friction, a different magic and gives a great soul-stirring sensation. Between constant rubbing and deepening, the Spirit Spring Wand will come together in a soulful climax amidst the wizard's moans.

This SWISOK urethral sound is based on the human colon and adds five knots from small to large to the original urethral sound model. The surface of each knot has some uneven texture to add some different friction when inserted into the urethra for use. In addition the head is more rounded for an easier start to play. The soft, skin-friendly material will not hurt your skin.



One Size

Head Circumference: 0.59 inches

Thickest Circumference: 1.96 inches

Full length: 10.43 inches

Insertable length: 9.44 inches

Weight: 27 grams / 0.059 lbs

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