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  Pirates who wanted to sail under the SWISOK flag set sail from here. When we board the SWISOK pirate ship to enter this fantastical universe, we set foot on never-before-seen islands, explore the unknown, but also fight to upgrade the search for nautical equipment, just like in the game.
  SWISOK's sailing map includes large and small islands or seas such as the Godhorse's Garden, Siren Sea, Roller Coaster, Torn Valley, and the Howling Abyss. Sailing equipment is also dispersed across these islands and seas, waiting for us to find it. Each piece of equipment in this sailing world has its origin and story, and the thrill of the unknown excites us. We'll never run out of things to discover as long as we keep exploring.
  Pirates live a life of seeking refuge at sea, so they must naturally find ways to "live." Pirates without a piece of equipment are doomed. SWISOK Pirates' travel gear includes weapons, treasure chests, and money objects.
Muskets, Swords, and Cannons are our main weapons.
  Muskets: The musket is more luxurious equipment on the pirate ship! The Lil' Squirt toys with a cum tube are our top configuration of musket equipment! When the trigger is pulled, the liquid is introduced into the tube, and BOOOOOOOM! The sperm is fired from the muzzle!
  Swords: We want daggers, sailors' knives, sabers, and iron hooks! We make various improvements to the shape of the original swords. The thick dildos with the wheel are the best-played daggers, and the long dildo with the tip is the saber with killing power; they are the best weapons against the enemy!
  Cannons: The cannon's construction is simple, but its power is enormous. It is nothing more than a thick hollow tube. The difference is that our channels have been designed with intricate textures to allow for better gunpowder and massive damage!
The treasure chest is the source of our surprise.
  The treasure chest that falls after completing a certain task to obtain equipment is often a surprise in sailing. The contents of the mysterious treasure chest must be discovered for ourselves, including the type of equipment, colors, and hardness by our grasp to play, as well as unique equipment to highlight the image of the noble pirates!
Money objects are necessary for our survival.
  Sailing requires basic principal, as well as some decorations, clothing, and other small items. We will make living goods related to the equipment while looking for it, as a symbol of our victory!
  Get the necessary equipment so that we can survive. There is a chance to get new equipment to continue sailing on each island or sea, but is it easy to get equipment, and what strange creatures are we about to face? SWISOK invites you to join us in exploring the unknown; follow your heart and go now!


  Sail For Now, Live Yourself!

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