Ejaculating Dildo Toys Introduction
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  • What is Ejaculating Dildo toy?
SWISOK's Lil' Squirt toy is a product that be added the function of simulating human ejaculation to the original model, and we offer this function on some models. Internal channels are added to the original model, connecting cum tube designed to simulate a big, wet, sticky orgasm from your lover when needed. A free syringe and cum tube that won't fall out are the perfect accessories for those wanting to try out the Cum tube feature. Simply fill the syringe with lubricating fluid, and by pressing the syringe, the lubricating fluid inside the syringe enters the catheter leading to the inside of the product and is ejected at the head for ejaculation function.
  • What type of lube is more suitable?
To better reflect the function, lubricating fluid, lubricant, and other more diluted bodies with lubricating fluid are recommended.
  • How to use?
Cleaning before and after use:
1. Prepare a plate of disinfectant (mixed with water), products with cum tube, and equipped syringe.
2. Put the product with the cum tube in the disinfectant, and put an appropriate amount of disinfectant in the syringe.
3. Untie the cum tube, align the syringe outlet with the cum tube, and tighten it after inserting it.
4. Press the injection rod to make the disinfection water enter the cum tube and the inside of the product pipe. Disinfectant water will be ejected from the head of the product.
5. Disassemble the syringe and soak it in sterile water together with the toy for about 10 minutes.
6. After completing the above steps, replace a basin of clean water and repeat steps 2-5 to complete the disinfection operation.
Using instructions:
1. The using operation is roughly the same as the cleaning operation. Just fill the syringe with lubricating fluid, put it into the cum tube, and push the lubricating fluid into the product by pressing the injection rod to achieve the effect of ejaculation.
2. The texture of the lubricating fluid should be as dilute as possible to avoid the blockage of the cum tube. The lubricating fluid can also be mixed with water to achieve a dilution effect.
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