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Kelpie | Mellow Agate

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Nautical World Name: Lake Teaser - Kelpie
Nautical Map Point: Desire Ripples

Welcome to the Desire Ripples in the nautical world of SWISOK! Joined to the Godhorse's Garden, the island is shrouded in large trees. From a distance, it is covered in lush green vegetation. There is a lake in the center of the island, with ripples. We approached the lake and took a boat to row on the lake. Suddenly, the center of the lake spewed water higher than a person, and the water gradually formed a horse.

This water horse is probably the patron saint of the lake, a shape-shifting water spirit in folklore.Therefore, whenever an intruder approaches, it will transform into a girl, animal, or handsome man who will seduce the intruder. The Kelpies will then quickly jump into the lake and drown the intruders to defend their lake domain.

The Kelpie's head is shaped like a small sunflower by the constant gushing of water, like a fountain bursting as it enters your body. As the water flows down, it forms the middle of the Kelpie's layers of water wrinkle, and you can feel his friction as you slide in and out. The water flows to the bottom, being massive and protruding legs that make your ride a huge challenge. As you grind deeper, you seem to come across his water-wrinkled base.



S Size

Head Circumference:7.08 inches

Thickest Circumference:7.08 inches

Full length: 8.11 inches

Insertable length: 6.73 inches

Weight: 406 grams


M Size

Head Circumference:8.26 inches

Thickest Circumference:8.26 inches

Full length: 9.44 inches

Insertable length:7.51 inches

Weight: 663 grams


L Size

Head Circumference:9.84 inches

Thickest Circumference:9.84 inches 

Full length:10.9 inches

Insertable length:9.05 inches

Weight: 1023 grams

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