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The design is inspired by the Nemea lion in Theogony. It is recorded in the Theogony that "the Nemea lion was born to the half-human, half-snake demon Echidna, who devoured living creatures everywhere. Its appearance is the same as the general lion, but its body size is more huge. Its greatest characteristic is a thick skin, sword and arrow can not enter. Its personality is particularly fierce and greedy, eating people countless. Tretos, Apesas and Nemea are three places that have been attacked by it."

However, in the SWISOK nautical world, although Nemea for pirates, but not kill, hurt, or violence. He enjoys traveling around the universe, writing poems and lyrics, and collecting the world's wonderful stories. Nemea will occasionally meditate and occasionally laugh, but he always said "no one can define the pirate, no one can define Nemea." He raced not only on the Cetus blue whale, but also with the Arion god horse. His bold personality has won him many friends, though his nonsense poetry occasionally makes them laugh.

Not only has his heroic spirit been discussed in the SWISOK sea, but so has his "weapon." Anyone who had experienced the power of Nemea's phallus was blown away. "Oh my goodness, that thing is more appealing than his poems..."

Being on a sailing expedition with Nemea simply adds a joyful spice to the sailing team. On the ship, we sang poems, wrote poems, and talked about the future. In times of danger, Nemea would always fight the enemy with his powerful weapon!

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