Seven Deadly Sins
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Seven Deadly Sins

Jareth | The Envy

from $8.99

"They all should belong to me!" —— Jareth | The Envy Nautical World Name: Envy - JarethNautical Map Point: Uncharted territory Jareth, the Envy of the Seven Sins, was once...

Rex | The Pride

from $54.99

Rex Nautical World Name: Pride - Rex Nautical Map Point: Requiem Coast Rex never imagined that things would turn out this way. It all started with Rex discovering the treasure...

Euna with Cum Tube | The Gluttony

from $69.99

Euna | The Gluttony Nautical World Name: Gluttony- EunaNautical Map Point: Weeping Reef Euna used to be the thinnest of the 7 great pirates, but after he was cursed by...

Argo Bell | The Greed

from $69.99

Argo Bell Nautical World Name: Greed - Argo BellNautical Map Point: Requiem Coast On the tumultuous sea, Captain Argo Bell, once renowned as the epitome of greed, ruled over a...

The Lust


The Lust is Coming...   "I can resist everything."

The Sloth


The Sloth is Coming...   "I'm just very relaxed."

The Wrath


The Wrath is Coming...   "I will trample all their heads!"  

In the history of SWISOK, there have been 7 great pirates. They used to sail freely in the sea, and even found the seven treasures buried all over the world by the legendary "Hunter". The nautical chart in the treasure directs them to the Pillar of Rebirth. However, when they reached the Rebirth Pillar, the treasure chest on the ship was directly sucked away by the Rebirth Pillar. The "Hunter" has come back to life! He put a curse on the seven captains present and began to hunt them down.

Who is "Hunter"? What kind of changes will the curse of the seven captains bring to them? What will happen to them in the end...

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