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Jareth | The Envy

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"They all should belong to me!" —— Jareth | The Envy Nautical World Name: Envy - JarethNautical Map Point: Uncharted territory Jareth, the Envy of the Seven Sins, was once among...

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If you want to know more about color customization: Color Customize Introduction
If you want to know more about hardness customization: Firmness Guide

"They all should belong to me!" —— Jareth | The Envy

Nautical World Name: Envy - Jareth
Nautical Map Point: Uncharted territory

Jareth, the Envy of the Seven Sins, was once among the most wretched of captains. His desires weren't for treasures, but for the reputation and power possessed by the other captains. Jareth longed to be the most celebrated captain, but constantly felt inferior to the rest. Upon hearing of the "Hunter's" resurrection, he saw this as an opportunity to prove himself. Jareth decided to sow the seeds of doubt among the captains, attempting to undermine their unity.

The schemes of Envy led to distrust and discord among the other captains. They began to suspect one another, and unity crumbled. Jareth saw that his plan was working but also realized the depths of his inner weakness. His jealousy not only shattered the unity of the captains but also left him more isolated than ever.

When the "Hunter" emerged, Jareth observed the tremendous power he possessed. Instead of fleeing, he sought to collaborate with the Hunter to acquire that power for himself. Yet, the Hunter saw through his deceit. There was no intention to engage with Jareth, each captain was cursed individually and equally.

The transformation into a lizard-like being was a mysterious and horrifying process. The curse's effects began with a subtle discomfort, as if countless ants were crawling under his skin. His skin gradually became rough, resembling lizard scales. These scales began spreading from his face, covering his arms and body.

Throughout the transformation, Jareth underwent rapid physiological changes. His eyes grew larger, pupils elongated like a lizard's. His limbs extended, and webbing appeared between his fingers and toes. His facial features twisted as his mouth turned into a pointed snout, filled with sharp teeth. Finally, a tail slowly grew from his waist, like that of a true lizard. However, his genitals didn't adopt a reptilian form. Instead, they split into two and took on an unusual appearance, shaped like the reproductive organs of the many sharks he had encountered during his voyages. But there were distinct differences; his length was noticeably shorter, and he bore unique markings, transforming from a simple cylindrical shape into an indescribable form. Although he now had two organs, his size couldn't compare to those of the other captains, making it seem as if the Hunter were mocking him.

This transformation didn't just affect Jareth's appearance; it also profoundly impacted his character and inner turmoil. Compared to the other six captains, his physicality was far less imposing. His feelings of envy intensified, and now he's on the run from the Hunter, using all his resources to lift the curse, even if it means resorting to the darkest of paths.

In his relentless pursuit of redemption, Jareth's journey will test his character, pushing him further into the abyss of darkness.

SWISOK Toys offers three standard levels of firmness for you to choose from when selecting from the menu: “Soft”, “Medium” and “Hard”. Our toy firmness scales are specified in a range of three grade points, from Soft (5), which is approximately matches Shore 0050, to Hard (9).
  • Introduction of the three types of firmness
Here are examples of Fenrir's Size M. We have placed each of our three firmness dildos - Soft(5), Medium(7), and Hard(9) - on the same level with a vertical ground. The best way to explain the difference is to compare the degree of stand-up of our three levels of firmness.

The picture shows the difference in the degree to which the three scales of hardness stand up. In the same size, the "Soft" firmness Fenrir sags, not perpendicular to the ground; the "Medium" firmness Fenrir is approximately perpendicular to the ground, but still slightly sagging; the "Hard" firmness Fenrir is approximately perpendicular to the ground.
  • Explain the difference by squeezing the three hardnesses of the toy
We will explain the difference between the three firmnesses in a second way. By squeezing as hard as possible using the same force, you can see the different degrees of squeezing that each of the different hardnesses is subjected to.


The feel of our soft (5) is softer and easily compressed, like a relaxed muscle. This makes for an easier ride!



Our Medium (7) is slightly inflated, similar to a semi-tensile muscle, adding some precision in comparison to Soft (5), while also being flexible.


Our Hard (9) has almost no squeeze, is stiffer, more pronounced toughness and will have less rebound.


Our customers generally report that our medium firmness feels more realistic and skin-friendly, and it offers a balance of riding precision and flexibility. It depends on whether you prefer the firmer or softer side of your toy.


  • Steps for selecting firmness on the product page
We would make your toy softer or firmer at no extra cost. Simply select the appropriate level of firmness from your toy menu. If you wish to change the softness or firmness after placing your order, please contact us promptly by email. We will manually change the hardness of your toy for you.
As an example, on the following product page, after selecting the size and color of the product, click on the option of firmness, then add to the shopping cart and purchase it!

  • Note 
  1. The firmness option will not be supported in some categories due to the construction and characteristics of some products. For example, Masturbator, Urethral Sounds, and Penis Sleeve. These three ranges of toys will not be able to be selected for the firmness scale.
  2. The larger the size of the product chosen, the less noticeable the hardness of the product. In the case of the same softness, the toy feels softer in the hand the smaller it is.
  3. The firmness mentioned above is simply for reference, please choose the most suitable firmness according to your personal situation.
  4.  Due to the natural variation in density between batches of silicone, we cannot guarantee the exact firmness of any pour. Nevertheless, we always try to get as close as possible to the firmness you want.
  5.  Regardless of the hardness, these toys are durable and flexible and can be bent in any direction. Even when hard, they can be bent so that their tips touch the bottom of the base.

We offer color customization options for almost all models. Except for some products, it is not possible to customize a certain color type due to the construction and characteristics.

  • 49 colors:
We offer 49 customizable colors, as shown in the color card below.
  • Customized color types:
In general, the options for color customization include 7 customization types. Below are the customization types and their effects respectively (taking Fenrir as the example).
Color Type
Number of Colors Available
Example color
Effect (Fenrir as an example)
1 color
The style is relatively simple, and the solid color shows the texture details of the product more clearly.
2 colors
Shaft: red
Base: silver
The two colors are distributed on the shaft and the base, transitioning of stripe split to better set off the product's form factor.
3 colors
Head: White
Medium Shaft: Blue purple
Base: Blue
Add a color to the shaft on the layering. Shows rich colors in the same product.
2 colors
Shaft: Blue purple
Base: White
The fade effect of the two colors gives the product a better visual effect and enriches its appearance and storytelling.
2 colors
Reddish Orange and White
Like a marble-like 2 colors mix, irregular block colors collide to produce a different spark.
3 colors
Adding a color to the 2 colors mix makes your toy more like a perfect piece of art.
2 colors
In: Poison lvy
Outside: White
In and Outside color can best reflect the exquisiteness of the product, the color inside shows the beauty of the product inside through the color outside.

We make every effort to optimize our lead times and provide you with fast delivery. The parcel will normally arrive within 1-2 weeks.


We will start making your toys as soon as we receive your order. Since toys are handmade, we usually take 3 days to prepare your package. This means you will receive your tracking number within 3 working days.

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Jareth | The Envy

One size / Classic
One size / Classic