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Vac-U-Lock Adapter

from $4.99

Vac-U-Lock Adapter We offer the option of adding a Vac-U-Lock adapter to our products; you can match your sex machine by adding a suitable Vac-U-Lock adapter to your product.Simply add...

Little Guys

from $29.99

Little Guys These are the SWISOK little guys! We currently have five SWISOK model mini dildo toys for collection and decoration, which are scaled-down mini versions of the original models...

Polyhedron Dice Set


Polyhedron Dice Set Polyhedral dice are indispensable props for table games, such as Dungeons and Dragons (DND), table role-playing games (TRPG), solitaire (MTG) and other table games. Made of acrylic...

Surprise Exchange | Little Guys


给小家伙们带来惊喜 这些是来自SWISOK的小家伙!购买任何 SWISOK 的假阳具后,只需在此处添加订单即可获得 5 个随机微型版本的假阳具玩具,价格为 9.99 美元。 这些小家伙还可以用作缓解压力的挤压玩具,因为尺寸足够迷你且可爱,它们在您手中不会脱颖而出(如果您感到害羞)。它们由 100% 固化的铂硅胶材料制成,触感柔软,看起来就像原来的玩具一样。小家伙们和大家伙一样,通过挤压来释放情绪,以缓解工作或生活中的压力。 每个小家伙高约 2.36 英寸,购买前请检查尺寸,这不适合插入。让我们加入购物车并与这些小家伙一起玩耍吧!

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