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SWISOK tank dildos

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Size :M: Front diameter is about 4cm, maximum diameter is about 5.5cm, total length is about 16cm, weight is about 348g. L: The tip diameter is about 5cm, the maximum diameter is about 6.5cm, the total length is about 19cm, and the weight is about 583 grams. XL: The front diameter is about 6cm, the maximum diameter is about 7.5cm, the total length is about 21.5cm, the weight is about 900g. XXL: Front diameter is about 7cm, maximum diameter is about 8.5cm, total length is about 24cm, weight is about 1319g. XXXL: Front diameter is about 8cm, maximum diameter is about 9.5cm, total length is about 27.5cm, weight is about 1849g. There are M, L, XL and XXL, XXXL five sizes, you can choose the appropriate size according to their own situation. ※ For intermediate to advanced size, please confirm the size before purchase.

Special design: because the tip is round and pointed like a mushroom, it is easy to insert and does no harm to the skin. In the middle is the protrusion of the screw mountain, when the protrusion is inserted, the hole from the inside of the mouth, the strong stimulation of the running pleasure is constantly pouring out. In addition, the surface of the protrusion is observiously cut off, you can insert a new sense of experience.

Ghost size: it is the ghost size that has not been available until now. You can imagine the expansion of the inner side. You can not only feel the extraordinary stimulation, the satisfaction of being completely blocked, but also enjoy the superior experience of being depressed. Also, because it is properly lengthened, it can stimulate the G-spot or prostate well, and the inside injury is less comfortable to use.

Advanced material: due to the use of high-quality platinum silica gel, different from ordinary silica gel, with tensile scalability and softness, so that it has a new use experience, the use of comfort. Moreover, there is no peculiar smell, and it will not bring unpleasant feeling in use.

Powerful sucker: the bottom is an integral sucker, pressed on a smooth surface, fixed firmly, more convenient to use. Because of the sufficient thickness, the product can stand on its own and can be used where the suction cup cannot be used and a variety of requirements can be met.


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