SWISOK Dragon Egg Anal plug

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Size: Age: Maximum diameter approximately 4.5 cm, total length approximately 12.5 cm. M: The maximum diameter is about 5.5cm and the total length is about 15cm. Li: The largest diameter is about 6.5 centimeters, and the total length is about 18 centimeters. XL: The maximum diameter is about 7.5 cm and the total length is about 21 cm. XXL: About 8.5 cm in diameter and 22.5 cm in length. XXXL: About 9.5 cm in diameter and 23 cm in length. Because there are age, M, L, XL and XXL, XXXL, 6 sizes, ranging from intermediate to super advanced. ※ For the size of ten, please be sure to confirm your own condition before purchase.

Special design: the front end of the diamond shape, compared with other shapes, easy to insert, at the same time after insertion is not easy to fall off, easy to later intrusion. The middle is ring groove, float き out the concave and convex of the group blood vessel, etc., insert, not good to say what insert feeling, not only can the inside of the friction feeling also can't stand ~ in addition, diameter than the design becomes coarser and coarser, the flesh wall gradually expands, enjoy pleasure to the top of one's heart.

Volume has: not only diameter, because there is enough length, until now there is no sense of expansion and invasion can also be experienced, the whole body can also feel satisfied happiness. And, because it is the waist style, even if a long time into the orifice of the contraction effect is small, a sense of peace of mind!

Advanced material: different from ordinary silica gel, it is a material with excellent softness and flexibility. If you pull it, it will be stretched, which will not bring strange oppressive feeling to the inside, but also bring new experience. The soft feel is similar to the touch of skin, and the feeling of use is outstanding.

Attached base: the base is very small, even if you go out, there is no sense of harmony, the most suitable for going out to play. Also, the ends are soft and can be used safely without biting into the skin.