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SWISOK 「Horse」dildos

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Size :S: front diameter 4.5cm, maximum diameter about 6.5cm, full length about 24cm. M: The front diameter is 5.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 7.5cm, and the total length is about 28 cm. L: The front diameter is 6.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 8.5cm, and the total length is about 32cm. XL: The front diameter is 7.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 9.5cm, and the total length is about 36cm. XXL: Front diameter is 8.5cm, maximum diameter is about 10.5cm, full length is about 43.5cm. Because there are S, M, L and XL, XXL, 5 sizes, from intermediate to advanced can be widely corresponding. ※ It is a product with sufficient bottle body. Please confirm the size when you buy it.

There is volume: according to the design of the diameter of the continuous thickening, the flesh wall is expanded little by little, you can experience the sense of expansion in stages. Moreover, the diameter and length of the unprecedented size, can feel the sense of super stimulation, is able to meet all the needs of the commodity.

Special design: improve the sense of reality, from the tip to the floating  blood vessels, wrinkles reappear, so use it, let your real experience, is also at the same time, the concave and convex, unable to head off a good friction inside the more comfortable ~ in addition, cutting-edge circular protrusions, more is not only a visual stimulus, bulging can strongly stimulate the prostate, to say what pleasure in the body.

With suction cup: it can be fixed on the ground, wall and other smooth surface, so that you can free your hands and use it more easily, and you can also enjoy a variety of postures. The suckers are also of the right width and thickness. Even when inserted at the end, the suckers not only don't bite into the skin, but are also well protected from swallowing.

Advanced material: different from ordinary silica gel, due to the use of high quality platinum silica gel, with the degree of flexibility and scalability of the pull can be stretched, no harm to the inside, the use of great feeling. And, without any smell, a sense of peace of mind!


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