SWISOK Caesar dildos

通常価格 $21.99

Size :S: Maximum diameter about 4.5cm, total length about 21cm. M: The maximum diameter is about 5.5cm, the total length is about 24.5. L: The maximum diameter is about 6.5cm, the total length is about 28.5cm. XL: The maximum diameter is about 7.5cm, the total length is about 32cm. There are S, M, L and XL four sizes, according to their own situation to choose it. ※ There is sufficient quantity of goods, please be sure to confirm the size before buying.

Special design: the front end of the diamond shape, compared with other shapes, easy to insert, at the same time after insertion is not easy to fall off, easy to later intrusion. The middle is the ring groove, floating き out of the concave and convex blood vessels, so when inserted, it is not easy to say what the insertion feeling, not only the inner friction can not stand ~ in addition, the diameter of the design will be more and more thick, the flesh wall gradually expanded, enjoy the pleasure.

Volume has: not only diameter, because there is enough length, until now there is no sense of expansion and invasion can also be experienced, the whole body can also feel satisfied happiness. Moreover, the style of the waist bundle, long time into the orifice of the contractive effect of a small sense of peace of mind!

Advanced material: different from ordinary silicone, excellent softness and flexibility of the material, the pull will be stretched, not to the inside of the strange sense of oppression, but also make a new experience. The soft feel is similar to the touch of skin, and the feeling of use is outstanding.

With sucker: with a strong sucker, when pressed on a smooth surface, it can be firmly fixed, liberating both hands to use goods more easily. Unlike previous products, the width and thickness of the sucker is further increased, and it is comfortable to use even if swallowed completely or removed violently without harming the skin.