SWISOK Iron tower Anal plug

通常価格 $41.99

Size :S: Minimum diameter is about 2cm, Maximum diameter is about 7.5cm, Total length is about 20cm. M: The minimum diameter is about 2.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 8.5cm, and the total length is about 20cm. L: The minimum diameter is about 3cm, the maximum diameter is about 9.5cm, and the total length is about 20cm. XL: The minimum diameter is about 3.5cm, the maximum diameter is about 10cm, and the total length is about 20cm. Available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL, you can choose the appropriate size according to your own situation, but also can deal with a variety of people. ※ is for superior products, please be sure to confirm the size before confirmation.

4 beads: because the tip is thin and the diameter is small, beginners can insert them effortlessly. Can be inserted into the diameter of the more and more thick 6 warriors, the use of the feeling of phase expansion, at the same time, the largest strength of the flesh wall oppression, friction! The pleasure of being run in is great ~ in addition, insert all of a sudden poach, the inner side of the contraction of the stimulation can be more comfortable.

Ghost size: unprecedented thickness, just ghost size! Its inner side is expanded to an unimaginable degree, which not only gives you a more exciting experience than you've ever experienced before, but also stimulates the prostate gland so well that you can immerse yourself in a variety of pleasures. Also, the size of the beads is appropriate, beginners can expand at their own pace, is the most suitable for anal development goods.

Advanced material: due to the use of high-quality platinum silica gel, compared with ordinary silica gel, there is no peculiar smell, in use will not give a person an unpleasant feeling, you can rest assured to use. Moreover, if there is a pull, the elongation of the flexibility and softness, not only will not hurt the inside, but also can experience a new sense of insertion.

Powerful sucker: with a strong sucker, once fixed, simple not fall off the sense of stability is sufficient! Do not worry about the product is too heavy, it is troublesome to use by one person, free hands, one person can also easily use, very convenient. In addition, due to the feel of nom nom nom sucker, one breath inserted to the end will not be bitten by the skin, the use of good mood.