Firmness Guide

SWISOK provides three firmness options in toys. They are classified as soft, medium, and hard. When placing an order, you can select the appropriate firmness for your toy from the product pages that offer firmness options.
  • Introduction of the three types of firmness
Firmness Level
The softest of the three options, with a nice, skin-friendly feel.
General default firmness. Moderate hardness is suitable for most people. 
It's difficult to pinch in. Not very resilient.


  • Steps for selecting firmness on the product page
As an example, on the following product page, after selecting the size and color of the product, click on the option of firmness, then add to the shopping cart and purchase it!
  • Note 
  1. The firmness option will not be supported in this category due to the construction and characteristics of some products.
  2. The larger the size of the product chosen, the less noticeable the hardness of the product. In the case of the same softness, the toy feels softer in the hand the smaller it is.
  3. The firmness mentioned above is simply for reference, please choose the most suitable firmness according to your personal situation.