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Van | Hiding in Jungle

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Nautical World Name: Curse of the Dragon's Horn- Van
Nautical Map Point: Torn Valley

Torn Valley, Nemea brought Fenrir some food and wine, asked him stories about the Curse of the Dragon's Horn- Van.

A long time ago, the Torn Valley was just a thriving jungle. Until one day, the earth trembled and a giant dragon ran madly from a distance.

Back then, the dragon Van actually had only one horn, until one day he tried to knock down the Giant Tree, and was cursed by the other party. The single horn disappeared gradually and two horns grew, which gave Van the double power, and permanent pain. The pain drove Van to hit the ground and the energy of his two horns tore the earth apart! After hitting day and night, finally formed the Torn Valley.

"The pain caused by the curse also makes Van's penis erecting forever. The smooth shape of the double horns at the top of the penis helps him easily invade the body of every traveler. The huge head with spikes will quickly expand their holes and fill it. The thick wavy stem covered with unique dragon skin stimulates their every nerve. The bulge at the bottom of the penis also makes them Inextricable. Every thrust of Van's penis will bring out their bodily fluids and consciousness, and those foolish travelers will eventually fall into it."

Just as Nemea was about to speak, he seems to hear the sound of crashing and growling in the distance.

"What's that sound?" "It might be Van hitting the ground, or there is another traveler captured by Van and it is the sound of having sex. After all, there will always be people who want to try the power of Van's Horn."


XS size

Head Circumference: 11.5cm/4.5inches

Thickest Circumference of Shaft: 11.3cm/4.4inches

Full length: 10.9cm/4.3inches

Insertable length: 9.1cm/3.6inches

Weight: 97grams


S size

Head Circumference: 14.7cm/5.9inches

Thickest Circumference of Shaft: 14.4cm/5.7inches

Full length: 13.8cm/5.4inches

Insertable length: 11.9cm/4.7inches

Weight: 199grams


M size

Head Circumference: 17.7cm/7.0inches

Thickest Circumference of Shaft: 17.5cm/6.9inches

Full length: 17.0cm/6.7inches

Insertable length: 14.4cm/5.7inches

Weight: 363grams


L size

Head Circumference: 20.7cm/8.1inches

Thickest Circumference of Shaft: 20.5cm/8.1inches

Full length: 20.0cm/7.9inches

Insertable length: 17.0cm/6.7inches

Weight: 605grams


XL size

Head Circumference: 24cm/9.4inches

Thickest Circumference of Shaft: 23.8cm/9.4inches

Full length: 22.0cm/8.7inches

Insertable length: 19.8cm/7.8inches

Weight: 936grams


XXL size

Head Circumference: 27.2cm/10.7inches

Thickest Circumference of Shaft: 26.8cm/10.6inches

Full length: 25.9cm/10.2inches

Insertable length: 22.5cm/8.9inches

Weight: 1354grams

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