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Syvern Ⅱ| Aria Blaze

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Syvern Ⅱ

Nautical World Name: Marine Nurse
Nautical Map Point: Roller Coaster


Welcome to the Roller Coaster in the nautical world of SWISOK!The seas around Howling Abyss are full of sirens and giant beasts gather. Among them are the brave and happy Sea-wyvern clan who can rush the sky and sea. The flying dragon is a Western legendary creature. The variant of the flying dragon includes the Sea-wyvern, which has a tail like a fishtail. That's where the name Syvern came from.

The giant tongue is characteristic of Syvern, and its mucus is hailed as the purest substance, with miraculous healing and aphrodisiac effects. Syvern, known as the "White Angel in the Sea", heals the wounded in its mission. The bleeding wound magically healed slowly under the licking of Syvern's giant tongue! But when the slime melts into the blood, a rush of lust hits your head, and it's like being on a roller coaster.

Yes, Syvern is more than just a "White Angel". Its mucus-filled tongue began to rub the "wounded" cheek, chest, waist, swollen cock, butt... Under the frantic aphrodisiac and warmth of pure slime, sex from the tongue of Syvern is playing out.

The Syvern II is an extended version updated from the Syvern. Unlike the regular anal-bead toy, it is an long anal plug with delicate textures. The shaft design retains the texture of the tongue and at the base is the Syvern tap. The tap is attached to the tongue, which redefines the insertion length and maximum thickness, so you can even swallow the whole toy.



Size Definition Modification.

The size of Syvern Ⅱ compared to other toys is equivalent to the XL size and XXL size. To avoid misunderstandings in the selection of toys, the size Small will be changed to XLarge, size Medium changed to XXLarge.

XL Size

Head Circumference: 2.95 inches

Thickest Circumference: 12.4 inches

Full length: 21.06 inches

Insertable length: 19.29 inches

Weight: 1472 grams / 1.00 lbs


XXL Size

Head Circumference: 3.14 inches

Thickest Circumference: 13.58 inches

Full length: 27.75 inches

Insertable length: 26.37 inches

Weight: 2200 grams / 4.85 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bryson Curtis

Syvern Ⅱ| Aria Blaze

Jason Wilkes

One of my favorite toys out of many I have. It's amazing how deep this can go and hope to keep pushing it more to get the bigger size. 😜 Beautiful pour and looks great. If you are hesitant about the length, you will be surprised how it wiggles right in, nice and deep.

Kevin Perez
Pretty good actually

I was a little scared of buying toys like this from any company other than Bad Dragon but Swisok got my attentions because of some variety on toys like the Syvern II which i havent seen anything similar from other company, the quality of the toy turned out to be really good and im happy with it, my only complain would be that the toy got shipped all the way from china which scared a bit at first and also because of that it took almost 2 weeks for me to received my package, other than that id very much recommend Swisok.

Jörg Strohmeier
Super Tool

Soft enough to bent around every corner.
Waiting for the L size :)

Jaelyn Hunt
Nearly 30 Inches of Beauty!

My custom came out absolutely STUNNING. I requested Medium/Soft in the color Candlelight Dark Sea, and the fade is smooth, the colors are bright and full of shimmer, and the toy is nearly half my height! I couldn't be happier with this one. <3