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Phantom-Night Witch-S | Drop

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About Custom

If you want to know more about color customization: Color Customize Introduction
If you want to know more about hardness customization: Firmness Guide

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Please Pay Attention

  • About our "Drop toys"

Two types of toys will be included.

First type:

Unique Works

No defects at all. Handmade by the designer's inspiration, it is unique and cannot be copied. These products can be described as Unique Works.

This toy belongs to the type of Unique Works.

Second type: Has some minor flaws that do not affect its safety. Three types of toys are included.

1. Color Flaws

Perhaps this color pour is not flawless, or it is not a rich enough or alluring enough color. But it does not affect the use, the toys is still safe.

2. Aesthetic Flaws

Flaws that do not affect use but are visible in the toy: some surface small bubbles, small pigmented freckles from spillage. The toys is still safe.

3.Extreme Flaws

It is always safe to use but may be a more extreme aesthetic flaw.

Example: some relatively large bubbles on the surface, that do not affect the use of the situation, will not produce tears; in the dumping of the material defects arising from placement problems, the aesthetic will have a certain impact but does not affect the use. The toys is still safe.


  • What is a Drop Sale?

The Drop toys gathered during the manufacturing process will be sold uniformly at a set time each month. Despite the fact that these toys have some small flaws, they are nonetheless safe to use. Please confirm the content of the flaws before purchase, we will not accept returns initiated as a result of these flaws. Only one of each toy is available in the Drop Sale.


  • What is the firmness of Drop toys?

In general the firmness of Drop toys is medium, except in some cases where we will indicate a firmness softness on the toy picture.

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