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Blaze | Silver Flaming

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This expertly groomed Steed performs well in a variety of different disciplines. The ultra-realistic horse dildo makes you immersive. There will not be much difference in perimeter from top to bottom, which allows beginners to try. The head is full and protruding, and you can feel its desire when you insert it. Bloodshot veins extend and protrude in the middle, which increases friction with the inner wall. The stable base keeps the Steed strong, which is why it performs well.



S Size

Head Diameter: 1.77 inches

Thickest Diameter: 2.55 inches

Full length: 10.23 inches

Insertable length: 9.44 inches

Weight: 550 grams / 1.21 lbs


M Size

Head Diameter: 2.16 inches

Thickest Diameter: 2.95 inches

Full length: 11.81 inches

Insertable length: 11.02 inches

Weight: 910 grams / 2.00 lbs


L Size

Head Diameter: 2.55 inches

Thickest Diameter: 3.34 inches

Full length: 13.77 inches Insertable

length: 12.59 inches

Weight: 1380 grams / 3.04 lbs


XL Size

Head Diameter: 2.95 inches

Thickest Diameter: 3.74 inches

Full length: 14.96 inches

Insertable length: 14.17 inches

Weight: 2000 grams / 4.40 lbs


XXL Size

Head Diameter: 3.34 inches

Thickest Diameter: 4.13 inches

Full length: 16.53 inches

Insertable length: 15.74 inches

Weight: 2810 grams / 6.19 lbs