Material Introductions

Want to know what materials are used to make toys? Keep reading.
All SWISOK toys are constructed of skin-friendly platinum silicone that is 100 percent safe for the body. We must make sure that no other kinds of silicone or materials (such those containing phthalate components) are utilized in our products because we are aware that our customers want toys that are safe for their bodies.
  • What is Platinum Silicone?
The most common silicone product grades are general grade, medical grade, and food grade, with platinum silicone being a higher standard than food grade. Platinum silicone has exceptionally robust material characteristics and can resist temperatures between -4°C and 200°C. Platinum silicone SWISOK toys are dishwashing and boiling safe, and they won't deteriorate or become yellow over time.
  • Why should you purchase platinum silicone toys?
Platinum silicone toys are more expensive because platinum silicone is an expensive material, thanks in part to the inert platinum metal acting as a catalyst to cause the material to cure. Toys made from platinum silicone are non-porous and hypoallergenic due to its material properties. This means there are no gaps for bacteria to grow in, the toy is simple to clean, and it is extremely unlikely to cause skin irritation or reaction when used. Other less expensive silicone is made from materials that may contain phthalates and other harmful ingredients to the body, and SWISOK has never and will never make or sell toys made from this material!