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Vanargand Bloodcoat | Aurora Green

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Nautical World Name: Werewolf Armor - Vanargand Bloodcoat

Nautical Map Point: Torn Valley

Welcome to the Torn Valley in the nautical world of SWISOK! Vanargand is a treasure made from the blood of Fenrir, the lone wolf of the desert. Fenrir will give it to a favorite. Even if the person or creature who obtains this object does not have the bloodline of the human-wolf, wearing this warm and seemingly alive extension, it will gain the ability to transform into a human wolf under the full moon. A blood-red full moon appears in the Torn Valley. You will hear the horrifying sounds of two wolves in disguise, followed by their lingering moans in the moonlight...

The design of the covered head allows you to increase the friction of your head while thrusting. The overall shape of the product is designed in the same way as Fenrir, retaining the head ring while retaining Fenrir's attractive knot. It adds a Fenrir dildo-like charm to each other while playing.


1. The color customization function of this product only includes single color and in and outside color customization.

2. This product cannot be used as a condom and has no function to abort the pregnancy.



S Size

Head Diameter: 1.65 inches

Diameter of Knot: 1.73 inches

Full length: 5.5 inches

Inlet Diameter: 1.06 inches

Diameter of Ring: 1.14 inches

Thickness: 0.2 inches

Weight: 94 grams / 0.20 lbs


M Size

Head Diameter: 2.00 inches

Diameter of Knot: 2.08 inches

Full length: 6.9 inches

Inlet Diameter: 1.22 inches

Diameter of Ring: 1.33 inches

Thickness: 0.2 inches

Weight: 164 grams / 0.36 lbs

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