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Syvern - Urethral Sound | Blue Sea

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Syvern - Urethral Sound

Nautical World Name: Marine Nurse
Nautical Map Point: Roller Coaster

Welcome to the Roller Coaster in the nautical world of SWISOK!The seas around Howling Abyss are full of sirens and giant beasts gather. Among them are the brave and happy Sea-wyvern clan who can rush the sky and sea. The flying dragon is a Western legendary creature. The variant of the flying dragon includes the Sea-wyvern, which has a tail like a fishtail. That's where the name Syvern came from.

The giant tongue is characteristic of Syvern, and its mucus is hailed as the purest substance, with miraculous healing and aphrodisiac effects. Syvern, known as the "White Angel in the Sea", heals the wounded in its mission. The bleeding wound magically healed slowly under the licking of Syvern's giant tongue! But when the slime melts into the blood, a rush of lust hits your head, and it's like being on a roller coaster.

Yes, Syvern is more than a mere "nursing angel." His mucus-filled tongue changes into a long, thin sound that will continue to explore downward as it is softly inserted into the urethra, sending waves of excitement.

Based on the original design of the dildo Syvern, the design of the urethral sound has been updated. Unlike other products for urethral stimulation, it is handcrafted from platinum silicone. The platinum silicone is soft and skin-friendly, protecting the inner skin while providing stimulation to sensitive nerves. The base is a delicately textured dragon head which displays the same intricate design features and unparalleled detail as the dildo Syvern. The Syvern Urethral Sound is thicker overall and has a slightly pointed head this aids in comfortable insertion, but sterile lubricant should always be used prior to use.



One Size

One Size

Head Circumference: 1.06 inches

Thickest Circumference: 1.49 inches

Full length: 13.77 inches

Insertable length: 12.79 inches

Weight: 49 grams / 0.10 lbs


Customer Reviews

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Andrew Bolich
Deeper than expected...

Incredibly silky smooth, and soft enough to squeeze through the opening and expand inside the shaft. Very different feeling, as this is the first soft and squishy sound I have used. Was able to go deeper with this toy than with other sounds, and gave an incredibly tingly sensation the deeper the tongue invaded!