SWISOK Iron fist Anal plug

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Size :S: Maximum diameter is about 5cm, total length is about 15cm. M: The maximum diameter is about 6cm, the total length is about 18cm. L: The maximum diameter is about 7.2cm, the total length is about 22cm. XL: The maximum diameter is about 8.2cm, the total length is about 24cm. XXL: The maximum diameter is about 9.2cm, the total length is about 28cm. Because there are S, M, L and XL, XXL, 5 sizes, according to their own level choice, from intermediate to advanced widely corresponding.

Full size: diameter, of course, because the length is also full, as it expands, it can invade into the depths, until now there is no sense of excitement chaos. In addition, the waist design, insertion, not simply off the sense of stability!

Special design: the whole crescent as curved, the form is more in line with the inner Kapu strange pressure, while not to give a good call! Running in and prostate pleasure is great ~ and, the middle 2 largest, therefore, when inserted, the medial side is strongly expanded wonderful expansion feeling, not only is the concave and convex flesh wall friction, or pressure or can rise to heaven of pleasure, the whole body is very.

Powerful sucker: with a powerful sucker, it can be firmly fixed on a smooth surface, easier to use, but also can use goods in a variety of postures. Also, the seamless, one-piece Annaser is soft enough to swallow with a suction cup, so find out more about how to use it.

Advanced material: different from ordinary silicone material, through the material with extraordinary scalability and softness, pull up the plug, the longer the more soft you make a new use experience. Safe, non-toxic, tasteless, without any strange smell, can be safely used.