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Rhino | Unicorn Pink

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Nautical World Name: Moaning Horn- Rhino
Nautical Map Point: Giant Tree

Welcome to the Giant Tree in the nautical world of SWISOK!Rhino is a creature that lives in the Giant Tree. He was originally a man with developed limbs but one day was tricked into a painful human experiment. He gained superhuman strength and speed as a result of the painful experiments, and he developed rhinoceros-like armored skin that rendered him invulnerable. A miraculous mutation turns the horns of his head to be covered with nerves and evolve into a sexual tool. Stimulation through the horns to achieve orgasm, the orgasmic process his phallus can still ejaculate. After enduring numerous torturous experiments and suffering a lot of malice from human beings, he desperately escaped from the laboratory and rushed to the "SWISOK world" which was given as a paradise...

The creature is named Rhino because the horn on his head is an exact replica of a rhino horn, the fine texture of the exterior is lifelike, and the hard horn of the rhino is right in front of you. Your desire to conquer is heightened by the presence of horns on the shaft. The finely pointed head of the shaft is easy to slide into your hole and you can feel the tip stimulate the inside while grinding deeper. As you go deeper, your outer will touch the little horns that come with the bottom, which is a total added grinder surprise. The toy as a whole is slightly curved as if it is made for riding.



S Size

Head Circumference: 1.96 inches

Thickest Circumference: 5.31 inches

Full length: 5.31 inches

Insertable length: 4.33 inches

Weight: 206 grams / 0.45 lbs


M Size

Head Circumference: 2.55 inches

Thickest Circumference: 6.69 inches

Full length: 6.29 inches

Insertable length: 5.31 inches

Weight: 382 grams / 0.84 lbs


L Size

Head Circumference: 3.14 inches

Thickest Circumference: 8.26 inches

Full length: 7.67 inches

Insertable length: 6.29 inches

Weight: 630 grams / 1.38 lbs

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